Wednesday, February 25, 2009

That Darn Skirt..

is now finished! And only 1 week late :) I had intended to make this petti-skirt for my DD's 4th birthday last week. But I ran into trouble when I went to attach the top tier to the bottom tier using my ruffler foot. It worked well enough for the ruffle when I ruffled and attached at the same time. But trying to put the two bigger layers together, one ruffling and one being attached, it wouldn't ruffle. Then having to unpick about 40cm (yes that is when I realised it wasn't ruffling in the right proportion) of 1.5 length stitches was enough for me to throw the towel in! So after unpicking, I bundled it all into a bag and put it where I couldn't see it.
So yesterday being my first day with no kids or hubby at home, I decided to tackle it. I had already accepted the fact that I would have to gather by hand. So I set about doing my basting stitches. What a lovely surprise I got when I realised that my fabric was coming out gathered from the other side of my foot! It seemed that the long stitch, and the normal presser foot, created gathers in this fabric all by itself. After some playing around, I even got it to gather to the correct length, with minimal hand tweaking!
The waist is the darker colour because when I bought the fabric, I matched it to what is now the ruffle colour, but there wasn't enough on the bolt (it really stretched it trying to get enough for one ruffle, the other ruffle is light pink) and I wasn't going to hold up the line in Spotlight any longer than need be! I think it looks nice with the darker waistband tier.
So all that I had left to do today was to join it into the round, and add the elastic for the waist. Exactly one week after the birthday. And I must say, I am mighty proud of the result :)
I also said that I never want to make another one, but just looking at it waltzing around my house, I may have to eat my words lol



The Cherub's Craft Blog said...

Just beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow!! So gorgeous :)

Kylie said...

You have dont a fantastic job - it looks great - well done!