Monday, March 9, 2009

Market? Maybe not, but thats ok by me.

A few weeks ago, my Grandma asked if I wanted to sew some things for a market stall she was having. Well after some procrastination, and both Grandma and my Mum talking me into it, I decided "Why not?". So I got started. I didn't want to plan too much, just things I was comfortable to sew and ones I enjoyed sewing.
Today I finished off sewing the last of the drink bottle holders I had planned on (from this lovely lady here: They are made to fit a 750ml Smash branded drink bottle and also fit the 750ml Pump bottles of water. The camo, black butterfly and the white flower ones are a lovely drill fabric, and the dinosaurs are nice cotton poplin type - and all are insulated with Insul-Brite.

I had also made some little wristlet bags that I designed myself. I used some old (vintage some may call it) fabrics. All are cotton, and lined. They fit my keys, phone and packet of travel tissues, there is also room to add some change and a few cards.

Unfortunately my Grandma has hurt her hand so is unable to do her pottery work for the stall, so she is passing on doing the market for this year. I must say I am probably a little relieved. I wasn't going to have any part really in being at the stall as I couldn't make it that weekend, but it is still a big step for me to think of selling my sewing.
So for now, I have 10 little bags and 10 drink holders that will eventually find new homes I am sure.
One funny little thing as I was making the drink holders, my son saw the camo one and asked what I was making them for. I told him they were to sell at a market. His reply was "Can I have this one" (pointing to the camo holder) "and you can sell mine?" lol I made him one a few weeks ago (in a previous post) for school. So next year he can choose the fabric for a new one.

I think I may do a giveaway for one of each of the holders and the wristlets in the next week or two, so keep an eye out for it :)


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Kat said...

Liz - they're all fantastic! I love the wristlet design and the fabric choices you've made - I love going through my stash! Kat xxx