Thursday, March 12, 2009

A UFO completed and some scrummy cooking

I was sort of tidying up my sewing area on Tuesday and this is what I found. An UFO - unfinished object.

Stuffed away in a bag was a project I started way back in May 2008. Basically I started this just after I started sewing. I thought it would be a relatively simple project and finally found some fabric I liked enough to make it. It is a poly/spandex blend, not my first choice, but I was a newbie back then - well that is my excuse. It actually feels really nice to wear.

I had left it in a bit of a mess. I was so frustrated when I was sewing it, the neckline wouldn't sit properly, and was all twisted and wrinkly. So I had a fair bit of unpicking to do when I went to finish it this week. Knowing a few more tricks, I was able to make the neckline work. No more wrinkles. It isn't perfect, but I am happy with it.

I then attached the bodice skirt, but it didn't seem to have enough stretch between the bodice top and the bodice skirt, so when I put it on, it felt like it was going to pop stitches. So more unpicking and the addition of clear elastic later, I finally finished it.

Recently I had made some banana bread for my family. It was enjoyed and the recipe was simple. But my DS wanted me to change it - he wanted pineapple bread. So used a can of drained crushed pineapple instead of the bananas. The result is yummy! I like fruit breads and cakes. DH however was not as impressed. He doesn't like chewing chewy bits in his cakes.

And tomorrow is my sisters birthday. So I tried a new cupcake recipe - Double Chocolate Raspberry Cake. If the raw mix is anything to go by, they should be delicious!



Tracy said...

The top is very cute. I wish I could wear something as pretty as that (with size 16G boobs, probably not a good idea :D)
You look beautiful in it, it suits your stunning figure. (BTW .. I want your boobs ** insert chuckle****)

Anonymous said...

Hey Liz!! That looks fabulous :D You must be so chuffed to finally finish it, glad the elastic bit worked out too. The pineapple cake sounds yum as well!

Kat said...

Liz - you're a dynamo!! Does that mean you now have an FO instead of a UFO? the cakes look aweseom - also love the kids pic behind the first shot of your finished shirt :) lol at Tracy!