Thursday, March 19, 2009

Waterfall Top

I made the waterfall top from the 2/09 Ottobre Woman the other day. I had planned to use the same fabric as the top in the last post, but I didn't have enough :( Then I remembered some summer weight cotton knit I had purchased from Crafty Mamas shop.

From cutting to hemming (in about 4 stops and starts) it only took me about 3 hours. And I am the worlds slowest sewer lol I changed the sleeves to the ones from the Stream Dress in the same issue, as I only had enough fabric for short sleeves.

It was an easy top to sew, even though I had never sewn a cowl neck style top before. I just pinned and walked through the steps before sewing, that made it much more straight forward.

It is super soft and delightful to wear and I think I would like to make it again, but in a fabric that drapes more. Apologies for the wrinkles, it had spent the day in the washing basket, and some lovely ladies were asking for photos ;)

And just a photo to increase your smile quota for the day, this is how you decorate a bathroom, according to my 4 year old DD!


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zofia said...

He he, love it Liz! I can relate!