Friday, November 27, 2009

Redondo Cuteness

I know I said I wasn't going to blog my Christmas creations, but this is just soooo cute! Plus I already showed my sister coz I was too excited not to lol

This is for my niece for Christmas. The pattern is the Studio Tantrum - Redondo. She tried DD's on ages ago and never wanted to take it off (even though the waist was huge on her and wouldn't stay up lol) It is the smallest size 86/92 I think? She is nearly 2 but very petite, so it may be a little long. It also has 6 parts, as I wanted to use two fabrics evenly. Putting the fabrics side by side, I wasn't sure they would go so well, but in the skirt they are perfect!

DH saw me cutting it, and he was like "Oh no, not another one of those!" I have only made two, but apparently I left an impression that it was difficult lol I do have a little trouble trying to fit each twirl to the next one, but even with that, this only took me about 3-4 hours including cutting and top-stitching. It should twirl beautifully with the extra gore and the fact that the waist is so tiny!



Kelly said...

They just look so hard!! I have never let my girls see pics of one, because Im too scared they will want me to make one for them!! Those fabrics look fantastic together too!

Tracy said...

Beautiful Liz Well Done

Amanda said...

I am still yet to make this pattern, but they do look oh so cute!