Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thanks For The Push

Vic posted yesterday that she made some play dough for her DD for the first time. I always remember my Grandma making play dough for myself and my siblings to play with. But shamefully I had never, ever made it for my kids :( I commented on Vic's blog and woke up this morning to an email that simply said "Make it! Go on! ;)"

Well I have a doctors appointment this morning and my two darlings are going to my sisters so I can go in peace. My DS who is 7, can be slightly hard to entertain, as my sister has 2 girls and he just gets a bit left out I think, with no boys to play with. I suggested play dough to my sister, and she was more than happy - so the challenge was on - make some play dough for the first time! hehe

I wasn't fussed on having to cook it though - I like simple. I quickly googled realised I use boiling water instead of cooking. And did you know that there is a recipe for play dough on the back of the cream of tartar tub!

So I used that recipe, substituted boiling water for cold and just stirred it altogether in a bowl. Tipped it out, kneaded it on the floured bench top until it was smooth and then added my colours. Easy peasy. I think it took me about 15 minutes tops!

So the recipe I used is:

2 cups plain flour
1 cup of salt
2 tablespoons cooking oil
4 tablespoons of cream of tartar *
2 cups of boiling water

*I only used 2 tablespoons as I didn't have enough.

Put all ingredients into a big bowl and mix until they are all nice and stuck together. Tip out onto a floured board or bench and knead until it is smooth - be careful though, as it will be hot! Seperate into as many lots as you want different colours. I did 4 - purple, orange, lime and aqua.

I put mine into ziplock bags for storage after they hand cooled down.

Seems like they are a hit already!

So thank you Vic - I tried something new today :)



Vic said...

AWESOME!! I'll have to try this recipe next time; already I know there will have to be a 'next time' - yellow got taken outside already & the other colours are now one colour... ;)

Joy said...

Great idea. I need to do this again.

Marie said...

Liz - nothing like playing with freshly made playdough. Make sure you keep it in the fridge and if you add some essential oil, it will leave your hands smelling nice.

Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

Marie I did not know you could keep it in the fridge? I thought it would go hard.

And I did not know you could use boiling water so there is a tip I can try next time. We have a big ol pot that we use for anything crafty and when we make PD it certainly gives my upper arms a workout LOL.