Thursday, February 24, 2011

Somebody Turned 6!

So that meant there was to be lots of presents and cake (2 cakes to be exact).

In what seems to be becoming a tradition, many of DD's presents were handmade. A dress, Farbenmix Roxy, the pink was some old fabric (it was from my grandma's stash - feels like cotton and seems quite cool to wear).

A soft toy - one that I have had traced for nearly 18months and that she had asked for about that long ago (it was meant to be a Christmas present back in 2010 - but I ran out of time). It is Bubbles the Unicorn, from Melly & Me - in her book Kaleidescope.

And lastly a camera bag, pattern by Keyka Lou, from some fabric leftover from a pillow case that our neighbour made her for Christmas. I had promised to make it into a bag - and this was it. She also got a brand new camera to go in it (our kids love to take photos!)

Cake number 1 was had on her actual birthday - a chocolate sponge with a (kind of) smartie rainbow lol

Cake number 2 was for her party with her friends, and was a doll in a cake.



zofia said...

Gorgeous stuff Liz. The dress is beautiful!
Lucky girl.

Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

sounds like a great day with lovely gifts

Tas said...

What a fabulous haul. You talented mummy, you!

Joy said...

Wonderful gifts. Very pretty dress and the unicorn is great!

Frances said...

Makes me wish I was six again! Lovely work, Liz. I'll bet DD was delighted.