Sunday, January 22, 2012

Yummy Soap

I made two new soaps yesterday. Based on the usual recipe I use, as the last time I tried a new recipe it was absolutely horrible. I know this one works, and is lovely to use.

So I tried my hand at making layered soap this time. First was Vanilla Mocha Soap, using Chocolate and Vanilla fragrance oils. The top layer was left unfragranced and coloured with titanium dioxide. I used coffee grounds for exfoliating. Also put some cocoa powder in to give it a nice rich brown colour - it is deepening as it dries.

The second one was using a new fragrance oil called Coconut Citrus Sorbet. Yum! It is a very sweet citrus-y smell that makes you want to eat it! I did a yellow bottom layer and a green top layer. The only problem was that I didn't appear to mix the fragrance oil in properly to the top layer, so when I cut it, there was a few pockets of the oil. Oh well. Or maybe I just put a bit much in. Next time I would mix it through the whole batch before seperating to do the colours - but I wasn't sure how it would act, so this way was safer first. Betonite clay beads are the exfoliant for this batch.

Both are now drying and I can't wait to use them. We are trying a little experiment and have put one bar of each into the jerky cooker, to see if it dries them better in the hot humid weather we are having at the moment.


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Heather said...

Oh my gosh, those sound so tasty, and look super pretty to boot!