Friday, January 23, 2009

The Perfect T-shirt?

Nearly. If I go up a size, maybe. I do like it, it is comfortable (at least it was when I tried it on) and I love the colour. I think it could be a little looser though - but then it may lose the nice shape it has (and I am more used to wearing looser tops). I really like the neckline shape - it seems rather flattering.
It is based on the Ottobre Woman #5 from 2/2007 - the Rose Top. I used the front and back pieces from this pattern, the sleeves from #3 in the same issue and made my own neckline binding, which was rather adventurous of me, as I haven't sewn a v-neck before. I also lengthened it by 3 sizes, which seems to be a standard for me with Ottobre tops.
After having sewn a few t-shirts, once I had cut the pieces out, I put the magazine away, as I would just assemble it in the order I felt was best lol. It went together easily, I wasn't sure how to make the v, so I just started to attach the neckline and figured it out after I had finished attaching. This worked ok, as it meant that I at least got the v lined up in the correct spot! But I did cause a little pucker in the front (not really noticeable).

I might try this again, but in either a larger size or with a fabric with more stretch (or lycra).

Have a great long weekend and Happy Australia Day to all Aussies!


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Anonymous said...

Love it!! One of favourite colours and looks really comfy, well done :)