Friday, January 23, 2009

A Nice Bright Olivia

I do enjoy this pattern. Nice and easy. Quick to trace and sew. I actually got this traced, cut and sewn in about an hour and a half. That is fast for me.
I used FOE (fold over elastic) for finishing the neckline as I didn't do the hood. I didn't have enough fabric and as it was a short sleeve dress, I wanted to keep it basic. I thought that the FOE had finally become friends, but after photographing it, I discovered a small amount of the neckline that had missed the stitching. So a bit of unpicking, and restitching was required *sigh*. One day we will be great friends I am sure.
It is a bit long on DD, as I made the 110/116 size. But she loves it already (and not a speck of pink on it!!) She put it on before I had hemmed it, ran around and then went and hid, because she didn't want me to take it off of her lol

At least we won't lose her when we go out shopping! lol


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Shelly said...

It's very cute. You could always try hemming it while on the child, LOL. ;-)