Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Redondo, A Turtle and Some Onions

A motley post for today. I made a Redondo for a birthday present for a soon to be 4 year old girl. I couldn't just leave it as a skirt on its own, so I made a t-shirt to go with it. It was an Ottobre pattern (how usual lol), and I did my first appliqué on it :) It was simple but fun!

Over the Christmas break my son drew this on a Etch-A-Sketch. It is a turtle - so gorgeous :) And I would like put it on a t-shirt somehow, one day.

I also picked my crop of red onions today. Much better than my crop of brown. There was alot of smaller brown ones that I gave to my grandma for pickling. But I should have enough red ones to last me until next year, when I have another crop in and growing.

And lastly, I got a bag made for my daughter, as she is off to kindy this year. And they request them to have a bag like a pillow case with handles lol No photos uploaded yet, so I will add them to the next post, they are quite colourful :)


Natalie said...

ooooh what an adorable little set! I adore the skirt, can't wait for my DD to be at a skirt twirling age.

Gilly said...

Liz,Love the skirt - I cant wait until Lainey can fit into these! Well done!

Amanda said...

OMG that skirt is just tooooo cute!!! And that turtle drawing is pretty damn cute too!!!