Thursday, October 21, 2010

Well Now

look what I have learnt....

With a very big thanks to my very patient husband, I have learnt that my camera CAN take those fabulous photos.
A couple of weeks ago I read Nic's post on her new toy. And I fell in love with the purple flower picture (not the actual plant, it grows like a weed here lol) but the close-up-ness of the photo.  The talk of amazing macro mode, and then the lady  bug photo made me want to buy a new camera!
I explained to DH what I wanted to do (take more macro photos of my flowers), so we dug out the DSLR and I had a play around with that. You have seen some of the results from that camera over the last few posts. They are not bad photos, but still not the 'right-in-there-can't-get-any-closer' type that I was looking for. So I was pestering for a new camera, as surely that is all I needed to take such great photos.

Well, ahem, DH showed what settings to use on my little Canon A620 this morning before leaving for work, and boy, did I have fun! I need more flowers now :) But best of all, I don't need a new camera - the one I have works brilliantly - it really is all about the operator!


p.s. I still have some even closer, but I will share them at a later date.

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The Clip Cafe said...

Lovely!! Can't wait to see more :-)