Monday, December 22, 2008


Well the last of my Christmas presents is finished! Yay! So some photos are in order.
These are a pair of shorts for my DS, to go with the t-shirt blogged about here.
Ottobre Designs 3/2008 #30 in a size 116. They are the Multi-pocket Long Shorts (or something like that). Lots of detail like topstitching and funky pockets. But a boy can never have too many pockets now can he?
These were actually my second try at this pattern - I started with some blue fabric, which I worked out to be stretch cotton sateen! Not exactly suitable for a pair of shorts for a 5 year old boy. So I abandoned them and bought some cotton instead. Much easier to sew and look so much comfier!

Front close up - my topstitching is getting better :)

Pocket detail.

Back pocket detail - they look fiddly, but weren't too hard to do :) I am no longer scared lol

Back view - the legs aren't uneven, just my hanging of them :)

A little surprise inside the front waistband.


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Natalie said...

WOW these look fantastic!!!! I love all the pockets and your top stitching is fabulous! I will have to try these for my oldest DS he desperately need some new shorts