Saturday, December 27, 2008

We Survived Christmas

We have come out of the other side of Christmas in one piece, albeit a little more tired and our pants a little snugger ;) But that is ok, we will catch up on our sleep and I am back to Weight Watchers in the first week of January. But we are also very happy - we got to spend time with both sides of our wonderful family. It is always such a fun time!
All the handmade gifts were very well received and the kids especially loved theirs :) Though I must say, being told you are 'so clever' and 'what a great job you've done' numerous times in one day was a little daunting lol I felt like a kid getting an A+ in my exams (though I don't think I ever achieved that hehe).

Well I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas. It is all over for another year :)


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