Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Monday, November 17, 2008

Kids, Tupperware & Ovens

Well the heading says it all really :) My daughter loves to play with all my kitchen utensils and bowls. She makes cakes, salads and many more exotic creations pretending to use the contents of my pantry.
Well unfortunately tonight, one of my bowls sadly passed over to bowl heaven. Now I don’t have much Tupperware, and the stuff I do have is pretty much all second hand, so I treasure it lol
I turned the oven on to preheat it prior to cooking tea tonight, and carried on preparing food. I started to smell a warm plastic smell. I opened the oven door and there on the top shelf was my poor Tupperware bowl – though no longer looking bowl like. It was pretty much transparent and starting to sag between the gaps on the rack :( So I quickly grab a potmitt and pull the shelf out of the oven before racing outside to put the hose on it.
It doesn’t look the same anymore, though it did return to the original colour. Now do you think that the lifetime warranty would apply in this instance? Lol Not exactly a shrinky-dink!!


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Kylie said...

Oh that is priceless. I would definitly take it to the next tupperwear party that you go to - you may even get a free girt for your efforts LOL.