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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Welcome :)

Well here I am. I have finally joined the world of blogs. Much to hubby’s delight :) He has been on at me to start a blog - hosted by him of course!
DH: Why not share what you make with everyone?
ME: Because I don’t need to.
DH: Oh, but you do……….

So that is what has occurred now. I am here. So I suppose a bit about me and what will be appearing on this blog is probably in order. I have always been interested in trying new crafty things, so now with my kids a little bit older, I am finally doing just that.
I have never really been one to like sewing. In fact I practically failed it in Home Ec at high school. I hated sewing! What use could I ever have for it? I know my mum tried to teach me once – we nearly finished a shirt for me…….I don’t know what ever happened to it, but I never finished it and I never wore it either, so I guess mum didn’t finish it lol I always remember doing crafty things with my grandma growing up. That was always great fun. She taught me the basics of crochet. Some of which I remembered nearly 20 years on (argh! Yes it has been that long – eek!)
I had sewn on and off over the years since getting married. I sewed the curtains for our house – most of which remain un-hemmed. Just doing the sides was enough for me – I hate sewing straight lines. Plus, I am pretty sure my mum moved house with un-hemmed curtains (can you see the procrastinator genes appearing now?) So I am letting the curtains “hang” until all the creases fall out lol
So all in all, I started sewing this year. Properly sewing. Creating clothing that was wearable. Mainly for my kids, but a few pieces for me. I also found Ottobre magazine and Burda WOF magazine. These are my main source of patterns. Why not the ones you can buy at the fabric shops? Well because these magazines come with around 40 patterns each issue. Sure, you can’t use them all, but the Ottobre ones have from baby right up to teenager sizes. And Burda, well I like some of them in each issue and eventually I will get them made :)
So that is the sewing explained lol

I am also interested in making my own soap – I made one little itty, bitty baby sized batch on the weekend, using what ingredients I had on hand that I could actually put together to make real soap! Next stop is some more!!

Well that is about it for the introduction, I think I have covered everything :) No doubt I will back soon with some photos of actual things I have made.


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