Thursday, December 18, 2008

What will you do?

Today was the Christmas picnic for my son's preschool class. So we went down to the school with a picnic lunch and to see Father Christmas and watch the kids get their present. The end of another school year. Who would've thought that me, the one who never wanted kids, would have a son heading up to the big school next year! And my baby off to kindy as well! DS has had a great year, he has made friends and even has a best friend now, which is great, as he can be a bit shy.

The main question I get asked when people hear that I will have no kids for 2 days a week is "What will you do with yourself? Two days without kids!" Well.........some peace and quiet is on the agenda lol
I will also attempt (I say attempt, as I am prone to procrastination and getting nothing done!) to do:
* more sewing for the kids.
* organising the house so that it is easier to keep clean.
* delve more into the world of soap making.
* help out more at the kindy - I enjoyed helping out at pre-primary this year, and should be able to do it more often next year.
* get back into comping, I haven't been doing much over the last 2 years and I want more exciting mail! lol

Now some piccies of the latest Christmas presents I have completed. Mum, don't look ok! At least until after Christmas lol

For my younger cousins, I made a pencil roll each, a bag from Ottobre 3/2008 (#28) - such a great little pattern, and a crochet purse. I asked their mums for their two favourite colours, but giving no hints as to what I was doing. The colours I had to work with were: pink/green, blue/purple and yellow/orange. Here is the one in yellow/orange.

I just loved looking at all of these hanging on my wall. I will miss them.

I also finished up a top for my daughter for Christmas - Ottobre 3/2008 (#2 - Puffis Tee), this is a great issue - I also have a pair of shorts I am finishing for my son for Christmas from this issue. I am not entirely happy with the bindings on this top, I used FOE (fold-over elastic) instead of rib binding. I think I need more practice though. This is to go with the misty skirt (Ottobre 1/2008 #13), which I have just realised I haven't blogged about. So I will add it here.

I also made some pot mitts to go with the apron I made for my Grandma. It is my first try at any sort of quilting (well I think you could call it that). I really like these and want to find some fabric and make some for myself. They have Insul-Brite in between the fabric layers.

And finally (because it has taken me 45 minutes to write this post), some Coffee Spice Sugar Scrub for some ladies in my family at Christmas. It smells delightful, and coffee is supposed to help remove the kitchen smells from your hands.

So that is what I have been busy doing for the last 9 days. Now Christmas is fast approaching and I am nearly ready lol Just some cooking and finishing the shorts to do now.


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Marie said...

everything looks fantastic - you have been a busy bee