Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Friday, November 14, 2008

Beautiful Friday

These are the beauties that I spied in my garden this morning. I love Daylillies and Lilliums. The Lillium I was given 2 years ago and each time it flowers, it is more spectacular than the previous flowering. The Daylillies I have either bought or were given to me. I have about 6, maybe 7 different ones (I think, they won’t co-operate and all flower at the same time for me to check lol). I have recently moved the Daylillies to get more sun, and it appears that they are very appreciative.

I hope the pictures make you smile just as the flowers brightened my morning.

Well I hope you have had a great Friday. Nothing too exciting here, apart from the flowers, but I got several mundane bits of housework done, so I can spend the weekend doing other things. I also got some patterns traced out, so I hope to get a start on them soon.


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