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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Well We Survived

This weekend just gone, we left the kids for the very first time. The only time I have left either of my babies, was when I went in to have Adele. And even then, I saw Lachie every day. Now hubby has left the kids, as he has had to travel for work and stayed away for 2 weeks at one stage.
So we had a friends wedding invitation requesting our attendance, in Adelaide! Now, we didn’t want to not go, as this is a very good friend of ours. So we decided that since we never had a honeymoon when we got married and mum offered to have the kids for us, we should take this opportunity and take a honeymoon (even if it is 6 1/2 years late).
So we told the kids, and let them know how long we would be away, and that they were going to stay with Grandma and Grandad. They love going to the farm, so that was an adventure for them. Adele apparently got a little sad as we were boarding the plane, until mum gave her a bag of lollies. Man, swapped for lollies!! We didn’t even talk to the kids while we were gone, as they were just having too much fun and didn’t want to talk to mummy or daddy. They knew exactly how many days and sleeps we were gone for, so weren’t at all concerned. Our preparation was obviously very effective. They were very excited to meet us at the airport though :)
We stayed in a lovely hotel in Adelaide, had our little honeymoon and went to a lovely wedding. I must show my bit of sewing for this wedding, I made my dress to wear. The pattern is the Tony Gard dress from Burda WOF magazine issue 5/2008. I originally traced the pattern to my measurements, as per instructions. I didn’t want the scarf that was on the original design, so that required a little bit of re-drafting of the bodice. Ok, I can do that lol So I get all the pieces traced and cut out. I only just had enough fabric for the pattern, so there wasn’t any room for trial and error. The fabric was an end of roll from the (now don’t laugh) furnishing section in Spotlight. But for $5, I couldn’t really go wrong.
After sewing up the bodice, I gave it a trial fitting…….it was way too big!! Yet it matched my measurements, so who knows. Again, I traced the pattern, this time a size smaller. I also changed the shape of the back of the bodice more to my liking. This time, I sewed it up with some cotton fabric that was just hanging around. It fit perfectly - well around my body anyways. I needed some darts added into the bust (seems to have always been a bit of an issue for me). Then when all the kinks were ironed out in the trial bodice, I just managed to get the new bodice out of the old bodice with a few little tweaks here and there.

So here is the dress along with my hubby (the closest to me) and two of hubby’s friends.


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